Blessing Others ​​​​​​​Through You!

Godwill is a Fundraising ministry called to help and serve families in need, both locally and abroad.

God has, God does, God WILL.

Our mission is to help families in poverty who struggle for a better way of life. We take gently-used donated items and sell them online, where 100% of the proceeds go directly to our mission. We also aim to share the stories of those affected by homelessness or poverty, so that a light can be shined on them to be seen by all touching hearts to give and pray. We know that God is our creator and Father who cares deeply about each one!

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How Can I Help?


...for our fundraising for this ministry, and for ways to help those who are less fortunate.


Go through your inventory of treasures and see if there are sellable things you can donate.


Your time, finances, love, and anything else you would like to contribute to our mission!

Call Joanne Eytzen at 360 319-3588 to make arrangements and Drop-Off or Pick-Up.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Matthew 6:21