And Just Like That… We Have a Church!

In all of life there has never been a church on Mt. Elgon in Kapchorwa. The Christians who wanted to go to a church had to walk to the nearest small church in another area. This was a long walk and not very convenient, but they did it for years.

We knew that as the community grew and people were coming together because of parent meetings and community gatherings we needed a place to meet & worship.

We built a schoolhouse but were always needing more space. Each month more and more children have come to our school to learn. We were growing faster than we could accommodate. We had to be practical and it was decided to combine our resources and build a double size classroom and use it as our church on Sundays.

At Christmas time 2021, Our doors opened with a call to worship and we began with a prayer and lots of praise. People are so thankful to have a house of worship so they can fellowship together. Sundays are a huge day of celebration for what the Lord has done.

WE WERE BUILDING GOD’S HOUSE! We call it Father’s Kingdom Ministries ~Community Church Moyok. Named after the area it is in. Meetings were held to appoint leaders and deacons and church service plans began. The excitement was growing and even here back home I knew this was going to be something very special.

The community watched it get built and on December 4th 2021, just a few weeks before Christmas everyone stood outside and they sang, and cheered and dedicated it to God and the doors were opened. The congregation was about 50 people for that 1st service, even Muslims came to worship with them! Each Sunday the numbers are increasing and growing and the Hymns and praise music sung from the little Moyok church ring loud & minister to and bless the folks near & far. Hopefully soon locals will wonder in through the doors of Gods house to see what it’s all about. Thank you Lord! Bring your people.

Week by week improvements & adjustments were made, a sound system was purchased, podium and communion table was made, the choir was developed, the gifts and talents of the people were used and God is doing all the rest, touching hearts and bringing hope and healing to a beautiful people, His children.

Godwill Ministries sent funds to provide a celebration after the first Sunday church service. They ate cake and drank beverages and sang and danced & celebrated our amazing Father in heaven.

Father, We thank you and we pray you continue to develop, grow and nurture your church and the hearts of all those who seek you.

In the strong and mighty Name of Jesus, Amen.

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