Goats for Widows in Kapchorwa

In the Village of Kapchorwa live many people. Most in mud huts with Papyrus roofs. Up in the hills of Mt. Elgon, not far from Kapchorwa live over 20 poor widows. They are Mothers and Grandmothers raising their Children or Grandchildren. Life is quiet and slow and very difficult at times. Most are illiterate doing the best they can. They grow their gardens digging in them daily managing their crops. Some sell their produce to gain a little better way of life. Some glean for extra food from larger farmers. Some make corn alcohol to sell (unfortunately). Many are very creative and industrious to find ways to improve their living. Many are Muslim but some are Christian. They live their lives in their own way raising their families and trying the best they can. Many have Children that go to our school, Kings Royals. We want to reach these children, many of these kids coming to school get their only meal of the day.

Over the years during droughts and/or crop infestations (locust and/or rats) Godwill Ministries has sent funds to help with humanitarian efforts. We buy truckloads of huge bags of Posho (Their dried corn powder staple) then divide it up into small 10# bags for handing out to the community with a bag of salt (their only seasoning) and a bar of soap. The widows walk to Elly and Carol’s house to receive their aid. Pretty meager for American standards but this would help them immensely! This would get them to where their gardens would be ready for harvest. We have provided this ‘love gift’ several times to supplement and help during difficult seasons.

Elly always shares with them the love of the Father and prays with them and reminds them that God provided for their needs because of His great love for each of them. They hear about this Jesus and see how He is providing. God is Jehovah Jireh = God provides.

The women have become a community and organized a ‘widows association’. Meeting weekly discussing how to help each other and be a stronger community. The Christians are sharing the gospel and the Muslim women are watching and listening. Many have come to Christ and we continue to pray for these precious ones to come to the Father with open arms. Typically on Sundays many women invite their Muslim neighbors to join them at church.

We wanted to help and bless these widows. After discussing with Elly their needs and how we could speak into their lives it was decided after much prayer to purchase each widow a female goat, then she can breed and raise and grow a herd hopefully.

Elly set out to find a goat breeder. We negotiated the price for $20.00 each if we purchased 20. $400 was sent and all he girl goats were purchased. They were each on a rope lead and one by one the widows came to get their goats with huge smiles and hearts full of gratitude.

This will be something they can grow and develop and may they look back at what God did for them because of His love. Hopefully over the months and years we will see how this benefitted each one in a very tangible way. Since reporting this, I’ve been told that most have reproduced, some with twins and some twice. Those herds are growing!

To God be the glory!

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