God Has - God Does - and God Will.

Our Godwill yard sales are twice a year at a parking garage warehouse on 3rd Ave. in Ferndale. The use of the warehouse was donated to Godwill.

All day long, at any given time, there is never less than 25-30 shoppers in the warehouse. We also advertise on Facebook and Instagram, as well as use sandwich board signs, balloons, and posters! We collect items all year long, through your donations and put them into 2, 40-foot shipping containers that were donated.

We were blessed by Lynden Door, who donated 50 doors, which we use as tables. In order to be tables, however, our doors needed legs. Money was donated for 100 sawhorse legs to make our doors into tables. You see, God is in every detail! This is God’s thing; this is His ministry. It’s a huge production which takes a lot of volunteers to pull off. It takes people with trucks and trailers, as well as dozens of people to load everything, get it all from the containers over to the warehouse, and stock the tables. It takes workers during the sales, and then takes even more to haul what’s left after the sales are over. When it’s finished, we donate everything to charity. God has done a lot with this little ministry of His.

We are blessing others through your stuff! God is turning straw into gold. I am so grateful to be on this journey, and I feel really blessed. 

God Has – God Does – and God Will.

-Joanne Eytzen, Director