God Has – God Does – and God Will.

Godwill Ministries is a ministry that the Lord has used to help people who are less fortunate or are having struggles in this world. We all need a hand from time to time and God knows that, He loves us so much.

We began this ministry in 2011 simply as a means to get to Uganda doing medical mission trips, bringing supplies and loads of intention to share the Gospel. It has become that and so much more, God is developing His ministry. He brings the awareness and the resources for a need to get met. We just keep our eyes up, our hands held open loosely, telling everyone about the need, we pray and He directs and changes lives. God is the Waymaker when there seems to be no way. This is His ministry.

We support many families and people locally and abroad. We’ve helped locally with rent, vet bills, emergency help and groceries for the homeless. We’ve sent missionaries financial help and kids to summer camps. We’ve helped with college Tuition and women fleeing abusive home lives. We sent money for rice in Thailand during drought, and helped a young new mother in Morocco. In Uganda we are helping on a regular basis, God has built a school and many children are learning and thriving! We bought land and fencing and animals. God blesses us to pay school tuitions for at risk kids and help to further their education. We’ve helped widows in small villages who needed new roofs or fixed homes or even better homes. We do food and emergency relief. We’re praying for school uniforms and child sponsorship which is coming this summer and we’re so excited.

One of the most rewarding things is when we hear about people giving their lives to the Lord. We’ve come to know about 20 widows in Kapchorwa, Uganda, many Muslim. We wanted to find a way to bless them so we purchased 20 female goats and gave each one, knowing they will grow their own herds. They are reminded it is a helping hand from the Lord who loves each of them so much. We’ve given them food relief in the past during droughts. They were so thankful and surprised. They’ve witnessed the love of the Father, the power of prayer and the expansion of their village school and like never before people are talking and helping each other and the community is getting strong together and many come together Sundays at the new church (2 new large classrooms were recently built) and hearts are changing! Turning from Muslim to Christian. We continue to pray for our precious widows to know the Love of the Father. I’m hoping to meet them next time I go there, talk to them, heart to heart, woman to woman, Christian to Christian? I pray so.

God has given us amazing wealth in America in fact, 99% of us are well over the ‘poverty line’. Many people around the world make penny’s a day if anything. It seems like a pretty wonderful thing to spill it over to those less fortunate to change lives. I don’t know about you but I do know I’m blessed, my cup is full and running over.

Please feel free to hit the DONATE button and give. 100% goes into the ministry to help those who need it.

 May the joy of the Lord be your strength!  

-Joanne Eytzen, Director

This is our school and some of our kids: